Betty Park is a Grade 11 student at Concordian International School. She is a Third Culture Kid (TCK), being Korean by family origin, born in Thailand, and a citizen of the IB World where her friends are from different cultures. She will be speaking about what it means to be a TCK and how it affects her worldview.

Daven Ross is a Grade 9 student at Concordian International School. He speaks about his summer project “M4N” bringing medicines to tribal communities in the North of Thailand.

Fong Chearavanont and Praew Sawarin Phummarin are Grade 10 students at Concordian International School. Last summer, Fong and Praew traveled to Chiang Mai to a shelter for battered women, to ask the question, What do women do to move on after being raped or abused? They met women who have struggled against social stigma and used their own artistic sensitivities and leadership to create an organization called VOICES. Fong and Praew will share how Voices has become an organization which raises awareness for women who have been through violence in their lives, and triumphed.

Mercy Angela Nantongo is a 17 year old IB student at Concordian International School. Angela wanted to be like her sister Nicole, who found a way to earn an IB education in Costa Rica. Angela recounts her inspiring story of how being a risk taker took her from her home in Uganda through four time zones into Bangkok, and how this has made a difference.

Mymai Yuan is a student at New International School of Thailand. She is 16 years old and is half Thai-half Taiwanese. Inspired by Sarah Kay, she is speaking on spoken poetry; a movement that she has been trying to spread throughout her school. Mymai says of spoken poetry, “It involves a number of a range of creative abilities that can all be put to use: music, drama, creation and structuring of literature.”

Praekarn (Pier) Nirandara is a senior at Bangkok Patana School and author of The Mermaid Apprentices and The Nymph Treasury. Her debut novel was published in English at the age of 15, has sold over 20,000 copies, and is set for publication in Italy this March. She wlil deliver a speech about her work as a Brand Ambassador for the Bangkok Metropolitan’s campaign “Bangkok Read for Life” in association with UNESCO, guest-speaking at symposiums and touring schools with the goal of revolutionizing the literary industry. Pier hopes to promote reading within children and young adults, emphasizing the importance of books and preserving literature for future generations.

Sasithorn Chaisong and Supatra Muenkan are students at Bann Pang Sa-wan who learn and practice self sufficiency as part of their school and home lives. They will speak about applying the self sufficiency theory in their daily lives, about how they plant vegetables and mill rice, and learn English through Plookpanya.

Tan Peneakchanasak Nitchnaree is a 15-year old Thai girl who fell onto an MRT track at the Ang Mo Kio MRT station in Singapore and as a result lost both her legs in April 2011. Listen to her touching story as she recounts her tragedy and tells us how she recovered and was inspired onto new paths in her life.

Tharin Sethi is a Year 13 student at New International School of Thailand. He will be speaking about children living with HIV-AIDS.

Thibaud Clement is a 23 year-old Marketing and Strategy graduate. Native from France, Thibaud is currently traveling around the world to learn about eCommerce in a creative way, by meeting experts on the road. This is The DODEQA Project: 12 months, 12 cities, 12 objectives. Passionate about Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Web Technologies, Thibaud has already launched his first eCommerce website: Friends, Family & Fools. When he is not blogging or reading business books, Thibaud loves running, photographing and cooking. His motto? Do Your Best & Fix The Rest!


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